From Near Death to Black Belt, 9-Year-Old Continues Her Recovery

Demi Robinson.jpg

(The Altamont Enterprise) – Demi Robinson of Guilderland, a fourth-grader at Lynnwood Elementary School, doesn’t think she has any residual effects from the rare condition that left her paralyzed on one side of her body and mute when she was 3-and-a-half.

There isn’t anything her classmates can do that is harder for her, she says. Demi went from not being able to stand on one foot when she started taekwondo lessons five years ago to earning a black belt this month.

Her mother, Sara Robinson, recalled, “They never made any exceptions for her. That’s how we wanted it.”

Robinson says there are a few things Demi is still working on: She needs to keep building her core strength, and she is in speech therapy because she sometimes has trouble retrieving a word. CONTINUE