A Story of Love, Hope, Miracle and Recovery


(Business Mirror) – Over a year ago, a major surfing accident put the life of JM Quiblat, a multimedia artist, performer, and surfer, in a critical condition.

But miraculously, he pulled through, little by little, with the help and support of his family, friends, and the people who continue to help him get fully recovered.

If you are one of those who stumbled upon and, continuously supporting #WakeUpJM, this is his story – a story of Love, Hope, Miracle and Recovery.

It was October 4, 2018, just before sundown, JM and his friends, Miguel Vasquez, Justin Allen, and Hutch Sabater, decided to have last surf through the waves of General Nakar in Quezon before calling it a day.

“My friends are starting to go out of the water but, Migs (Vasquez) and I decided to have one last surf. And then, I passed a wave. The tide gain low and big waves came towards me, knocking me off—that is when I lost my consciousness,” JM recalled. CONTINUE