Doctors Revive Woman Whose Heart Stopped for Six Hours

Audrey Schoeman.jpg

(NY Post) – Doctors in Spain revived a British woman whose heart stopped for six hours — an “exceptional case” in which her hypothermia may have actually saved her life, according to a new report.

Audrey Schoeman, 34, who lives in Barcelona, was hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees with her husband in November when she was caught in a snowstorm and developed severe hypothermia, the BBC reported.

Schoeman went into the longest cardiac arrest ever recorded in Spain — but has made a miraculous, near-full recovery, according to the report.

Schoeman began having trouble speaking and moving, and then fell unconscious during the hike. Her condition worsened during the wait for emergency services — and her husband, Rohan, feared she was already dead. CONTINUE