“Given How Severe He Was Injured, He Has Made an Excellent Recovery”


(9&10 NEWS) – 23-year-old Mitchell Gasco loves his truck and getting way off the beaten path with mudding. It’s a joy in a life he almost lost last year.

“I remember waking up that morning and I went to work,” Mitchell said. Last November, while working in tree service a branch fell and hit Mitchell in the head causing a serious injury.

He was rushed to McLaren Northern Michigan. “We prayed and prayed the entire way there, it was the longest ride ever,” said Kerry Peck, Mitchell’s mom.

Mitchell suffered from a traumatic brain injury and required emergency surgery. Dr. David Morris is Mitchell’s neurosurgeon.

“When he went to surgery it with the anticipation to at least provide an opportunity for survival,” Dr. Morris said. It was devastating news for Mitchell’s mom Kerry. CONTINUE