Pope: No Compromise with Euthanasia Even in Terminal Illness

Elderly1(ChurchMilitant.com) – Pope Francis has delivered his most categorical condemnation of euthanasia and assisted suicide to date, calling on healthcare professionals to “reject any compromise in the direction of euthanasia, assisted suicide or suppression of life, even in the case of terminal illness.”

“Life is sacred and belongs to God; hence it is inviolable and no one can claim the right to dispose of it freely,” the Holy Father asserted in a strongly worded message for the upcoming 28th World Day of the Sick, urging medics to be “open to the transcendent dimension of your profession that reveals its ultimate meaning.”

“In some cases, conscientious objection becomes a necessary decision if you are to be consistent with your ‘yes’ to life and to the human person,” Francis told medical professionals on Jan. 3 in a Vatican communique. CONTINUE