‘I Will Get My Words Back’: Surviving and Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Lauren Murphy

(Fulton Sun) – When Lauren Murphy arrived in the emergency room broken and battered after being hit by a car going full speed, doctors weren’t sure she’d even survive. She did.

Then they weren’t sure if she’d ever feed herself again. She did. They weren’t sure she’d ever walk, much less run. She did.

And today, she’s working hard on regaining her voice as an inspirational speaker. Murphy, of St. Louis, visited William Woods University on Thursday to share her story with the help of her mother, Colleen. “Murphys don’t quit,” Lauren said.

At 24, Lauren was on track to success. She’d earned a master’s degree and had moved to New York City for a high-powered job. “Before my accident, I was independent and strong,” Lauren said.

But during a visit to Los Angeles, all her plans were overturned by a fateful run-in during her morning jog. CONTINUE