Teen Recovers From Near-Fatal Accident

Alex Nelso

(CBC) – As Alex Nelson lies in a dimmed room at the Saint John Regional Hospital, he grips a set of cream-coloured rosary beads.

They were a gift from Hanna Bordage, the 16-year-old girl who struck him in the black Honda she was driving earlier this month at the corner of Prospect Street and Duncan Lane in Fredericton.

“Alex has not let go of it since,” said his mother, Terri Taylor. The crash left the 18-year-old with a serious brain injury, and he spent days fighting for his life.

“I just keep trying to remind myself of the little bits of light through all this darkness,” Taylor said.

Although Taylor wishes she could go back in time and change what happened that day, she wouldn’t take back meeting the Bordage family. CONTINUE