Teen at Center of ‘Right to Life’ Court Battle Between Mom and Hospital Dies

Titus Cromer2

(The Grio) – A University of Detroit Jesuit High School student at the center of a court battle since October on whether he was legally brain dead has died.

Titus Jermaine Cromer Jr., 16, passed away on Friday, just days after he was relocated to a Livingston County rehabilitation center and had shown some signs of hope.

Titus’ mother, LaShauna Lowry, said while at the rehab center, Titus showed slight muscle contractions in his calves that weren’t there prior. She told the Detroit Free Press that it was a positive sign that her son was starting to recover.

“It’s a huge sign,” Lowry said to the Free Press. “My focus is just on my son healing, and him getting an opportunity to heal, so this is definitely an indication of that.” CONTINUE