Six-Year-Old Struck by Car Emerges From Coma

Jordana Hubble

(ABC Fox Montana) – As the saying goes, “A smile is worth a thousand words.” And this is true for Jordana Hubble.

The Whitefish girl was admitted into a coma emergence program at a Houston hospital earlier this week as she continues to recover from injuries when she was hit by a car while getting off the school bus.

And already, her family is seeing a difference. The Olney Fire Department shared on update on their Facebook page on Thursday.

In the post, Jordana’s aunt says that doctors at Nexus Children’s Hospital have changed her medications and have determined she’s in a “minimally conscious state” rather than being in a “continuous coma.”

The family says that now, Jordana is smiling and laughing and, at times, seems to recognize family members by both sight and sound. CONTINUE