7-Year-Old Continues to Thrive After Surviving Severe Child Abuse, Brain Injury

Evianna Burke

(ClarksvilleNow) – Evianna Burke was born on March 19, 2013, a happy, healthy baby girl. However, at just 2.5 months old, she was severely abused by her adult cousin who was her babysitter. She now suffers from multiple permanent health issues.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month, and Lelia Burke, her mother, wants to spread awareness and bring attention to the issue of child abuse and how it can forever change a child.

“She was born healthy. She was a normal baby,” Lelia said. “But Evianna was abused and had severe neurological damage, retinal hemorrhaging and bleeding to the brain. She had to be resuscitated to save her life.”

Now, 7-years-old, Evianna continues to suffer yet thrive as a result of child abuse. She was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury, cerebral palsy, visual impairment and epilepsy. CONTINUE