A Second Chance: Life-Threatening Brain Injury Didn’t Stop This UK Grad

Cam Asher

(University of Kentucky News) – At what age did you know what you wanted to do for a living? As children, we have the notion that we can be and do anything.

For some, those aspirations fade and more realistic ones emerge. Others spend their entire lives searching for a purpose — not Cam Asher.

“I wanted to be a catalyst for change, not only in Kentucky, but in the world.”

Growing up in Clay County, Asher’s dreams stretched far beyond the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains. He often felt helpless as those in his small-town community struggled by the way of drugs and poverty.

“My passion is to change the world of health care,” Asher said. “I want to make sure I meet that unmet need and change the area I grew up in.”

With that noble goal front of mind, Asher searched for a place to continue his education — an institution that would foster success. CONTINUE