Woman Who Died for 12 Minutes Now Helping Those Who Saved Her

Demelza Fry

(Mirror) – A woman who was clinically dead for 12 minutes after being crushed underneath a car is making face shields for NHS staff on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus.

Demelza Fry, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the horror collision, is donating kit and keeping health and care workers safe as a way of saying thank you for saving her life.

Ms Fry, 42, told Mirror Online: “I owe my life to the NHS and paramedics so it is a very strong reason why, but also I am not waiting for the Government to protect our medical and care staff.

“In 2016 I was run over and was clinically dead for 12 minutes. They held my life in their hands and never gave up so I will never give up until they have what they need to protect themselves.” CONTINUE