‘It’s a Miracle I’m Alive Today’

David Thompson

(Derry Journal) – David Thompson, from Sion Mills, was working up a ladder on the farm last April, cutting strings on large straw bales, when the accident unfolded.

“I stretched to cut the last of them and the bale sprung open, pushing the ladder and catapulting me from it, 14 feet to the ground,” David said.

“I have no memory of what occurred next but family and those at scene have pieced it together.” He managed to phone his son and a contractor on the farm site came to check on him.

“I was still conscious when Phillip came into the barn and soon after the 999 call was made. Phillip told me not to move despite my appeal for help to get up. The NIAS road crew arrived on scene and soon determined that the HEMS Team were needed.” CONTINUE