72-Year-Old Makes Miraculous Recovery from Motorcycle Accident

Dennis Chinn

(St. John News) – A year after being critically injured when thrown from his motorcycle in an accident at the intersection of Highway 54 and SR 61, 72-year-old Dennis Chinn of Pratt is continuing his recovery at the family home and he is able, miraculously, to do some work around the homestead.

“At times he’s shaky and weak and sometimes he has tremors,” Vicki Chinn, his wife of 54 years, said of her husband, who before the accident supported an extended family with his trucking business.

“He hauled cattle out of the Pratt Sale Barn and he was always available to help other truckers,” Vicki said. “He was known as the ‘Grandfather of the Highway’.”

The night of the accident, May 11, 2019, Chinn was airlifted to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita from Pratt Regional Medical Center where he had been transported by Pratt EMS from the accident scene. CONTINUE