After Losing Daughter, Mom Fights to Get Assisted Suicide Website Taken Down

Jackie Biebe

(Moms) – It was every mother’s worst nightmare, losing their child. On May 22, 2019, Jackie Bieber found her daughter, Shawn Shatto, on her bedroom floor, unresponsive. Bieber reached out to touch her daughter but found she was cold.

When she realized what happened, she began to perform CPR on her daughter, but sadly, it was too late for Shawn. She had died by suicide, with the help of an “assisted suicide” website, no less.

Shawn had been dealing with depression and anxiety for years, and had been seeing a therapist and took medication.

Originally, Bieber didn’t think her daughter took her own life. That is, until she had phone several disturbing things on her daughter’s cell phone, including messages from a website that teaches people how to commit suicide. CONTINUE