With Mom’s Love, London Teen Badly Hurt Fights On

Tristan Roby

(London Free Press) – One physiotherapist and two nurses at his sides and back, his mom holding his hands, Tristan Roby manages to use some of his own muscle strength to stand for a minute or two.

“You are doing great,” his mom, Abby Roby, tells him, probably boasting a wide smile covered by the mask she wears. “It’s baby steps,” she says to the room.

Slowly, the team caring for him helps Tristan back to his bed before the physiotherapist asks the 18-year-old whether he has it him to try to stand one more time, an exercise that’s become part of his recovery treatment.

With one pronounced blink of his eyes, the teenager says “yes” and, again, the four women hold his feet and knees, offer support to his back, hip and head and help him get up from the bed. CONTINUE