How Rehabilitation Made One Teen’s Long Road to Recovery Much Faster

Woman Disability

( – When you have a serious accident or a disease that has impacted your ability to function and enjoy your daily life, rehabilitation is fundamental to helping you regain some of the activities and abilities you have lost.

What’s key to rehabilitation, says University of Utah Health occupational therapist, Kelsi Vik, is that it’s no longer one size fits all. Now, rehabilitation is about customizing therapy services that address physical, mental and cognitive function to meet the individual patient’s needs.

That can range from customizing therapy schedules to fit a patient’s needs and preference—for example a teen who doesn’t like to get up early—or addressing a patient’s hyper-sensitivity to light and noise in their hospital room.

“What makes rehab so effective is we know that no two individuals are the same,” Vik says. “So we base our treatment on effective research, customizing therapy to those things patients think are meaningful in their lives.” CONTINUE