Teen Continues Recovery 9-Months After TBI

Eli Hairston1

(WIAT) — Nine months after an accident left him relearning how to live everyday life, 14-year-old Eli Hairston has continued along the road to recovery.

Back in November, Hairston fell off a golf cart, suffering a traumatic brain injury. Due to the accident, he had to relearn how to walk and talk again.

On Thursday, he fulfilled a huge goal: walking into Chelsea High School for the first day of school. The first day of high school is a big deal for many, but for Eli, it was huge.

“I knew I could do it. Keep positivity around me,” Hairston said. Parents Leisha and Jay Hairston said it’s amazing but not surprising of what their son continues to accomplish.

“It makes you not take anything for granted. Just appreciate life and we’re not promised tomorrow,” Leisha said. Nine months ago, they didn’t know if Eli would have a tomorrow. CONTINUE