Wesley J. Smith: Doc Kills Canadian Man Whose Wife Asked Court to Prevent Euthanasia

(NRO) – I wrote a bit ago here about the Canadian woman legally trying to prevent her husband from being killed in a euthanasia homicide. The courts rejected her appeal and now the man is dead.

The case highlights the cultural tensions and incompatible value systems that are tearing the West apart, about which euthanasia is only a serious symptom. From the CBC story:

The Sorensons had known each other for more than 60 years and were married for 48. After Katherine Sorenson launched her legal efforts to stop her husband from accessing MAID, he moved out of their shared home and the couple stopped speaking.

In an interview Tuesday, Katherine Sorenson said she last spoke to her husband on Aug. 15, when she called him and learned he had made a suicide attempt. At that time, a temporary injunction was legally preventing him from MAID.

She learned of his death when the funeral home called to tell her they had his body. CONTINUE