Baby Tinslee Lewis Update: Think Judges Don’t Impact YOUR Life? Think Again.

(Texas Right to Life) – The Supreme Court of Texas (SCOTX) delivered more time to Baby Tinslee Lewis, an ill 20-month-old in a Fort Worth hospital. Through a long legal battle, Cook Children’s Medical Center has sought to impose death on this baby since last November.

Thus far, the courts have ruled in favor of Trinity, Tinslee’s mother, who is fighting for the life of her precious daughter.

Cook Children’s asked SCOTX for permission to withdraw the toddler’s life-sustaining treatment while the 10-Day Rule is argued in court. SCOTX declined the petition, and Tinslee will continue to receive treatment.

Judges matter…they matter to Trinity and to Baby Tinslee, and judges indeed impact the daily lives of people. A single judge in Texas could have put a death sentence on Tinslee—without due process. CONTINUE

Note: The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network submitted an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court of Texas in support of Baby Tinslee Lewis.