Boy Brain Injured in Horrifying Accident Returns to School to Delight of Classmates

(KWTX) – Cooper Guy, 8, who survived a near-fatal motorcycle accident in November, received a warm welcome as he returned to Speegleville Elementary School Tuesday, a day after his third grade classmates started the spring term.

Cooper was never far from the thoughts of fellow students; a large stuffed bear occupied his seat in the classroom while he recovered. “I let my students know on Monday that Cooper would be returning the next day and they all erupted in cheers,” third grade teacher Amy Cheatham said.

“It was emotional seeing their excitement.” “We have missed him dearly and although Cooper Bear held his spot, there is no replacing Cooper.” Cheatham said she was concerned Cooper might be overwhelmed by the return to the classroom, but said he arrived with a joyful attitude and ready to work.

Cooper’s mother, Tiffany, who’s the librarian at Speegleville Elementary, says she prayed for the day her son would return to school. “We were so nervous but we had a positive day. This is the most positive place to work and they have treated us like family,” she said.

“We are so grateful to God for all the healing and miracles” CONTINUE