Hope Matters: Man Makes Astounding Strides After Brain Injury Last May

(KWWL) — Kelli Judisch and her family don’t worry about what could have been, choosing instead to focus on the progressing milestones in the recovery of eldest son, Kason.

Since last May, Kason has been recovering from a traumatic brain injury, one informally classified as a 9.5 on a 10 point scale, according to his mother. “There’s no reason to be sorry for ourselves or wish away what’s happened,” said Kelli during a Zoom interview.

Kason was severely injured in a car accident last May and to this day, Kelli says they’ve never gotten a clear diagnosis. In hindsight, she says it’s a blessing.

“We don’t have any expectations. Just expect that he’s going to get as better as he can. Every milestone is a celebration,” Kelli said. CONTINUE