Remembering My Sister on the 16th Anniversary of Her Death

( – Each year on March 31, I remember my sister, Terri Schiavo, who died an inhumane death when her feeding tube was removed. Terri was slowly starved to death over a two-week period. This was a brutal death no family – particularly parents – should ever have to witness. As the world watched, Rush Limbaugh said the moment Terri died 16 years ago was “the day our country hit rock bottom.”

Terri was cognitively disabled and had difficulty swallowing so she needed a feeding tube to administer her food and water. Terri was not sustained by “life support,” nor was she sick or dying. Nonetheless, she received a death sentence ordered by Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer of Pinellas County, Florida, at the request of her estranged husband.

In response to Terri’s death, my family established the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network to raise awareness concerning anti-life bias, to educate the public about care potentialities for patients with brain injuries, and most importantly, to aid families in situations similar to what we experienced – loved ones who are in danger of having their basic care denied or withdrawn. CONTINUE