Family of Ryan Murphy Who Survived Brain Injury, Stroke and Covid-19 Appeal for Help

(Irish Sun) – Ryan Murphy’s family say they don’t know what happened on October 27 last year, but he went for a walk alone and the next thing they knew was he was on his way to Cork University Hospital.

His brother Jason said: “On the 27th of October we received a heartbreaking phone call that our previously strong, fit and healthy 28 year old brother, Ryan suffered a traumatic brain injury.

“His neurosurgeon told us to expect the worst and that they did not have that much hope. He required immediate decompressive craniectomy surgery to relieve the pressure in his skull.”

But after the operation, there was more bad news to come.

“After his surgery the surgeon told us it was worse than expected then there was more sad news to come as Ryan had suffered a stroke and again, they did not expect him to live. CONTINUE