Injured Vet Finds Path to Recovery

(The Independent) – Mariela Meylan is a United States Army veteran fighting to overcome repercussions from an injury sustained in Kuwait in 2004. 

Meylan — a heavy equipment truck driver — was traveling as part of a convoy when she left her vehicle to help another crew change a tire on their truck. She said she doesn’t remember the entire incident, but the situation changed very quickly. 

“We were almost done, we were tightening the lug nuts,” she recalled. “Then we were hit by a vehicle.” 

Meylan sustained a traumatic brain injury, as well as a dislocated hip, a collapsed lung and a host of other issues. The brain injury caused a stroke, leaving her in a coma.  She was sent to a hospital in Germany.

Meylan’s parents flew to Germany to be with her and bring her home. CONTINUE