Miracle: Man’s Life Support was About to be Switched Off Defies Medics

(Mirror) – A young man whose life support was about to be turned off after he had a cardiac arrest, has had a miraculous recovery. Sean Chilvers baffled doctors by what had made him so ill as they put him in a medical induced coma.

They were convinced the 30-year-old would die and told his family they should consider switching the machines keeping him alive off. His family, convinced he was a fighter, refused and he has since gone on to make amazing progress.

He had suffered a brain injury when he first collapsed in his room and was ‘dead’ for 30 minutes, until his mum saved him by performing CPR while being instructed over the phone by 999 operators.

Now, five months on he is defying the odds and can now talk and even make a cup of coffee – things doctors thought he might never do again. CONTINUE