“Justice Prevailed and So Did Love,” the Story of Elisabeth Ostendorf

(WLNS)– Elisabeth Ostendorf and Sebastian Kuhlgert came from Germany to East Lansing to study photosynthesis at Michigan State University back in 2012. The two came as boyfriend and girlfriend, but now they just celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary. “We talked about it for a long time, but we never really followed through with it,” says Sebastian.

Those plans had to be put on hold. October 10th, 2014, a driver in a Michigan State University vehicle hit Elisabeth while she was walking from her laboratory.

“Elisabeth walked across the pedestrian walkway, as the truck was backing up, the truck did not see Elisabeth and she saw the truck at the very last second and attempted to get out of the way and the truck ran her over going backwards. As best we can tell, the left rear wheels of the truck ran over her skull,” said George Sinas, Elisabeth’s attorney.

Due to the severity of her injuries, doctors had their doubts about if she would survive. CONTINUE