Husband Determined to Give Back After Wife’s Lifesaving Treatment

(Ottawa Citizen) – The sun has set on THE RIDE, one of Ottawa’s premier cycling events, but that hasn’t stopped Mike Bull, former RIDE Captain for Team Enterprise, from participating and giving back as he starts his own virtual ride as a fundraiser for The Ottawa Hospital.

Charitable giving, in support of the hospital in particular, is incredibly important to Mike and his family after his wife, Rie, was rushed to the emergency department after collapsing — the result of a ruptured brain aneurysm.

It is Rie’s journey to recovery and the care that saved her life that inspires Mike to give back each year. “With every year we see that more people are willing to help out, support my ride and donate. We are fortunate to have such an incredible neuroscience team right here in Ottawa. They saved my wife’s life.” CONTINUE