Tinslee Lewis, Child Given 10 Days to Live, Defeats Odds and is Released from Hospital

(Texas Right to Life) – Tinslee Lewis, the toddler given 10 days to live under an anti-Life Texas law, was released from the hospital Thursday, April 7, to go home with her family.

In November 2019, Tinslee became a victim of the deadly Texas 10-Day Rule, which places a 10-day countdown on patients’ lives after a hospital’s internal committee authorizes the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment against one’s will.

Texas Right to Life’s patient advocacy team intervened on the ninth day of the 10-day countdown. Now, over 800 days later, Tinslee is alive, thriving, and growing. A happy and strong toddler, Tinslee’s health has so steadily improved that the hospital released her to go home. CONTINUE