‘Exercise Got Me Into This, Exercise is Going to Get Me Out of It’

(KHQ.com) – “He found it in the far, right back corner behind a trash can,” Liberty Lake resident Anthony Guastella casually mentioned on the short walk from his front yard to his garage. 

The ‘it” Guastella is referring to is a hook which now sits almost insignificantly on a shelf in his garage. 

“That’s the hook,” Guastella says as he holds it. It’s a hook that doesn’t serve much of a purpose anymore, besides healing. “When you see that hook now, what do you think,” I asked Anthony. 

He pauses for a second, a slight smirk comes across his face, “You know I have a couple of contractor friends and they’re like, ‘Oh, you need to have like an anchor hook in there’, and I’m like ‘Yeah, now you tell me'”, Anthony jokes. “I don’t know that I’m gonna frame it or anything.” CONTINUE