‘One Punch’ Victim’s 10-Year Path To Recovery

(BBC) – Paul Spence cradles his baby daughter. Gracie Spence is his “little miracle”; the light cutting through the fog of major brain trauma.

Dazed and depressed, Paul became a “shell of man” and was “no longer the man” partner Gemma Clement fell in love with. But Paul has spent the past decade “rebuilding” himself physically and emotionally.

“Gemma and I split up in May 2013,” says Paul. “I was with her for 10 years. I was no longer the man she fell in love with. I was distant. I was more like a robot than a man. She was grieving for someone who was still living.”

Paul and Gemma, who live in Willerby, East Yorkshire, reunited in 2015, with Gracie arriving in December 2020. “I feel very fortunate,” he says. “My family and friends have got me through some very dark times.” CONTINUE