Pro-Life Extends Beyond the Womb

(Human Dignity Speaks) – I read a recently published article in, written by a former bioethics classmate of mine, Bobby Schindler. He is the brother of Terry Schiavo and has been a tireless voice for the rights and dignity of every human being.

He clearly states, “Consider the number of doctors who no longer align themselves with the Hippocratic oath . . .” Whether it be abortion, physician-assisted suicide, the use of ideologies to advance pseudoscience and harm the youth, or explicit denial of care based on one’s conscientious decision, they are all affronts on life. Being pro-life extends beyond the womb to every individual and adheres to no barriers based on race, socio-economic status, cultural values, or level of sentience.

In many of my previous posts this year, I have been a strong and relentless voice opposing the COVID-19 mRNA injections, most especially in our children, the very population entrusted to my care. CONTINUE