Miraculous Neuro-Rehabilitation of 36-Year-Old with Severe Brain Injury

(ANI/GPRC) – Not all hopes die if you know the way out and believe in miracles. When 36-year-old Pravin Raj Radha met with a fatal accident in the US after he fell from his bicycle in May 2022, he suffered severe brain, facial and eye injuries which resulted in leaving him at a comatose state and losing all hopes of his survival.

His condition was treated immediately in one of the top hospitals in the US, undergoing intensive care where the US doctors estimated less than 1 per cent chance of survival.

Pravin shared his story of getting a new lease of life today at a press conference in the presence of Yuchi Nagao, MD at Sakra World Hospital, Naoya Matsumi, DMD at Sakra World Hospital and Lovekesh Phasu, COO at Sakra World Hospital, and Dr Maheshwarappa B M, Head and Senior Consultant for Neuro Rehabilitation at Sakra World Hospital as well as Pravin’s treating doctor in India. CONTINUE