“She 100 Percent is a Miracle” — High Schooler Shares Amazing Recovery Journey

(The Orange Leader) — Addison Minter’s return to high school more than two months after suffering a traumatic brain injury shows her tenacity and will to get back to a normal life. Her mother, Amy Minter, described her a bit differently — though she agrees her daughter is a fighter. “She 100 percent is a miracle,” Amy said.

The family’s lives were forever changed Nov. 19. They were on Beltway 8 in Houston headed home from a private stunting lesson at All-Star Revolution when their vehicle hydroplaned before being rear-ended by a charter bus that was going 75 miles an hour, Amy said.

Addison’s injuries were the most severe. She had a left temporal skull fracture; her brain shifted to the right. She had three different brain bleeds, the orbital area around her right eye was completely fractured, her right cheekbone was fractured, she had a Grade 1 lacerated spleen and a pulmonary contusion. CONTINUE