Family Shares Update on Son’s Brain Injury

(CBS19) — More than five months after Troup High School junior Cooper Reid suffered a severe brain injury, his family is celebrating a major milestone — he is back home.

For the first time since the traumatic injury, his family opened up to CBS19 about his life-changing diagnosis, his surgeries and what’s next.

“It’s been the hardest five months in our lives,” his mother Susanne Reid said.

Sitting on the couch surrounded by her closest family members, Susanne Reid recalled how difficult the last five months have been for them.

“It was the last play of the game,” Cooper’s dad Terry Reid said. ” I looked down there, and I saw somebody laying on the field, and I said, I think that’s Cooper.

Terry Reid said everything else happened fast. He saw some of his teammates try to help him up, then Cooper took about five steps and collapsed on the field. CONTINUE