18 Years After They Starved My Sister to Death, We Must Never Forget Terri Schiavo

(LifeNews.com) – On March 31st, 2005, after a more than decade-long legal battle, Michael Schiavo, my sister Terri Schiavo’s estranged husband, was successful with his premeditated plan to starve and dehydrate her to death. Terri’s brutal killing took almost two weeks.

It began in 1990, when at the age of twenty-six, Terri experienced a still-unexplained accident while at home alone with Michael, who subsequently became her legal guardian. Terri required only love, care, and food and water from a feeding tube since she struggled to swallow due to her brain injury. Terri was cognitively disabled and not dying of any disease or condition.

Nonetheless, Terri’s life was intentionally ended by Michael after he petitioned the court to deprive her of what we all need to live. Prior to Michael’s change of heart, my family did not anticipate there would be an issue. However, in January 2000, after a week-long trial, Florida Circuit Judge George W. Greer ruled that Michael could remove Terri’s feeding tube. CONTINUE