Wesley J. Smith: Dutch Euthanasia Deaths Soar, Mentally Ill Also Killed

(NRO) – Canada’s increasingly enthusiastic embrace of euthanasia has received most of the attention lately, but the Dutch also continue to blaze a path to the lethal practice’s normalization. Here are the latest concerning statistics, as reported by DutchNews:

Euthanasia killings rose by nearly 14.1 percent in 2022, totaling 8,720 deaths. That’s 5.1 percent of all deaths in the Netherlands. Since about half of deaths come from things such as accidents or sudden heart attacks, that means around 10 percent of deaths in which a patient was under medical care were from lethal jabs. The same percentage of USA deaths would total would be about 170,000 annually, or as many people as live in Ontario, California. (The USA totals about 3,400,000 deaths per year.) CONTINUE