SynPhNe and Indegene Partner to Launch Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform

(Medical Device Network) – Singapore-based SynPhNe has collaborated with life sciences commercialisation company Indegene to launch its Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform into the market.

SynPhNe has created a new connected wearable solution, which is claimed to be a first-of-its-kind device that trains the brain and the muscles in one system.

The non-invasive, connected health solution aims to aid stroke survivors and disabled patients in their recovery process, enabling them to lead more independent lives and empowering them to perform daily activities.

Indegene emerging biotech and key accounts senior vice-president Timothy Moore said: “We will use our modern go-to-market model to drive pricing strategy and develop a strategic launch plan that coordinates education and marketing efforts based on our deep expertise in market research and brand planning.” CONTINUE