West York Man Returns Home After Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injury

(FOX43) — On Thursday, Joseph “Spike” Bahn walked out of Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital of York to a standing ovation after a month of recovery. Back in April, Spike suffered a traumatic brain injury during a golf cart accident.

“Oh, it feels so good,” said Spike about returning home. “To come back from an injury like this and be independent again is a huge accomplishment,” said Lindsey Keffer, a physical therapist with Encompass Rehabilitation Hospital.

Keffer is one of several nurses and therapists who worked with Spike during his recovery. Spike worked for weeks to regain the ability to walk, get dressed, and cook on his own. Staff workers said that Spike was determined to get back home after his injury.

“He was progressing every day, and he was very motivated to work hard for us,” said Tessa Golder, an occupational therapy assistant. CONTINUE