Wesley J. Smith: Portugal Legalizes Euthanasia; Nevada Legislature Approves Assisted Suicide

(NRO) – Alas. The president of Portugal just signed into law a bill legalizing euthanasia by lethal injection. It is not limited to the terminally ill — which is at least honest, since that is not what euthanasia/assisted suicide is really all about. From the Reuters story:

The law specifies that people would be allowed to request assistance in dying in cases when they are “in a situation of intense suffering, with definitive injury of extreme gravity or serious and incurable disease.”

It establishes a two-month gap between accepting a request and the actual procedure and makes psychological support mandatory.

Strict guidelines and all that jazz. Not only are they unlikely to be strictly enforced but will soon be redefined from protections to barriers, toward the end of being loosened — an ongoing process that pushes virtually every jurisdiction with legalized euthanasia/assisted suicide toward ever-widening the qualifications to be made dead. CONTINUE