Canada is Literally Killing Itself as Thousands of Patients are Euthanized

( – The suicide of the West is becoming reality. According to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Canada saw a sharp increase in government-assisted suicides last year, with an estimated 13,500 taking place in 2022.

This is a 35% increase from 2021, when 10,064 took their lives through the program. The number represented 3.3% of all deaths in Canada in 2021, which is deeply alarming.

“It has been reported that the province of Quebec saw a 51% surge in assisted suicides, with 3,663 such deaths being recorded in 2022 compared to 2,427 in 2021,” according to Life News. “7% of all deaths in Quebec in 2022 were therefore state-sanctioned assisted suicides.” CONTINUE