“After a Catastrophic Brain Injury, Doctors Told Me I May Never Walk or Talk Again”

Matthew Galati was 23 and in his second year of medical school when a car accident left him with a devastating traumatic brain injury. Instead of accepting his grim prognosis, he made a full recovery—and now helps others who are suffering from severe brain injuries

(Toronto Life) – I grew up in Woodbridge, Ontario, in a close-knit family with two sisters. As early as I can remember, the pressure to perform in both sports and school weighed heavily on me.

My parents were supportive of all of my aspirations: they drove me to soccer practices and attended my games, and on weekends, they helped me set up pylons in the backyard so I could do drills.

When I was 14, my hard work paid off, and I was selected to play for a Canadian soccer team that competed against semi-professional teams in England. CONTINUE