Ron Mackenzie’s Fight to Recover From a Brain Injury Continues Every Day

(The Independent) — This summer, Ron MacKenzie, with help, walked slow and steady along South Kingstown Town beach and, just like coming back from the edge of death, it wasn’t easy for him.

At the beach, Ron, 59, was assisted into his chair by his wife Sue, 62, and young grandson David “DJ” Irish. Like the difficult steps he took through the sand, fighting for survival since January 18, 2020 — when it seemed he exhaled his last breath — has also been challenging.

Yet, the end was not to be. Not yet. Every day now brings more breaths. His story is about love and endurance between a couple married nearly 31 years. It’s also about their fight for more years together, more days at the beach, more time on this earth. So far, they have that wish. CONTINUE