Hospital Removes Indi Gregory’s Life Support, Denies Parents Plea to Let Her Live

( – A British hospital has yanked the life support of little baby Indi Gregory over her parents’ objections after a court rejected their plea to let her live.

In a heartbreaking loss on Friday, a UK appeals court has ruled that a hospital can proceed with ending Indi’s lifesaving medical care despite her parents desperate efforts to get her to a hospital that would provide it.

As LifeNews has reported, a Vatican hospital has stepped up and agreed to provide care for 8-month-old baby Indi Gregory, where a British court ruled her life support could be revoked even though her parents are fighting for her life. But, that was not enough for the parents of this little girl to get a British appellate court to rule in their favor.

So, today, doctors have withdrawn life-support treatment from the 8-moth-old baby who is fighting a rare mitochondrial disease. CONTINUE