‘Miracles Do Happen’: Dancer, Who was Left ‘Brain Dead’ Makes Incredible Recovery

Beth Johnson

(Daily Mail) – A dancer who medics believed was left brain dead after a car crash has made a miraculous recovery after having half her skull rebuilt.
Beth Johnson, 21, was an aspiring professional dancer before a car accident left her fighting for her life.

Her devastated mother Lynne, 61, from Broughton, Lincolnshire, was told that brain scans showed no sign of life and was prepared to say her final goodbyes.

But Miss Johnson defied doctors and after having the front part of her skull removed and rebuilt, she is finally on the road to recovery after two years in hospital. The student – who has no memory of the accident – was hit by a car on September 23 2015 and suffered seven skull fractures, a broken eye socket and, collarbone, pelvis as well as a collapsed lung and three slipped discs in her back.

Miss Johnson has since relearned to talk, walk, eat and despite not being able to dance on stage, she is hoping to become a dance teacher.

She is now sharing her story to help inspire others who have been affected by a brain injury. CONTINUE