Judge Allows Parents to Feed Their Anorexic Daughter

Judge Armstrong

(Daily Mail) – A New Jersey judge cleared the way for parents to force-feed their 20-year-old anorexic daughter. Superior Court Judge Paul Armstrong on Tuesday ruled the woman, known as S.A., was incapable of making her own decisions and gave her parents the power to make medical decisions on her behalf.

Her lawyer had argued that she wanted to make her own decisions and that she can manage her eating disorder on her own. Superior Court Judge Paul Armstrong found that her physicians have determined she does not understand the risks to her life by not eating and she has a chance of recovery through her parents’ guardianship.

The Parsippany resident weighed 60 pounds in June when she was taken to a clinic in Princeton and has since gained 15 pounds. S.A.’s physical condition reached a crisis point and her brother found her collapsed in their Parsippany home. CONTINUE