Acid Attack Leading to Euthanasia a Murder?

Assisted Suicide1

(NRO) – This is an awful story but it shows how the assisted suicide movement greatly harms the culture and despairing individuals at their times of greatest vulnerability. Mark van Dongen was paralyzed by his former girlfriend with acid–a horrific crime.

He survived the assault but was in so much pain–and despairing over his disability and disfigurement–he asked to be euthanized in Belgium. From the Guardian story:

An engineer who was left paralysed and disfigured after an acid attack allegedly carried out by his jealous ex-girlfriend died in a euthanasia clinic 15 months later having decided he could not face a life of pain, her murder trial has been told… Van Dongen, who had begun to see another woman, suffered 25% burns, lost a leg, his left eye and most of the sight in his right eye and was left paralysed. CONTINUE