‘She Made that Choice to Survive’: Woman Running Again After Hit and Run

Denise Gorondy

(WWBT) – More than one year after she was hit by a car while jogging and left for dead, a Virginia mom is not only back on her feet, but running again.
Dr. Denise Gorondy is a wife, mother, veterinarian, avid runner and most recently – a survivor.

“She made that choice to survive. She fought for over an hour in the field,” said Gorondy’s husband Ben Toderico.

It was a sunny summer day in June 2016 when the Hanover mom was out for her morning jog. In an instant, everything changed.

“It was around 7:10 a.m., 7:20 a.m. that I recognized that she had been gone too long,” said Toderico.

Gorondy was about a mile into her run when a driver hit her from behind, launching her into a field. She laid there bleeding for more than an hour before help arrived. CONTINUE