Pope Francis Comments on Vincent Lambert, Alfie Evans Case


(The Crux) – As parents in both France and England struggle with courts and hospitals over the fate of their critically ill children, Pope Francis on Sunday called for prayers for these “very painful and complex” situations.

The pontiff also addressed the conflict in Syria after Saturday’s U.S., UK and French airstrikes that came in response to a chemical weapons attack, expressing frustration that the international community hasn’t yet worked out a “common action” for peace.

Earlier, the pontiff cited the situations of both Alfie Evans in the UK and Vincent Lambert in France, but he didn’t take any direct position on the legal battles in either case.

“I entrust to your prayer people such as Vincent Lambert in France, little Alfie Evans in England, and others in different countries who live, sometimes for a long period, in a state of grave illness, medically assisted for their basic needs,” Francis said.

“These are delicate situations, very painful and complex. Let us pray that every sick person will always be respected in their dignity and cared for in a way adapted to their condition, with the joint efforts of families, doctors and other health care workers, and with great respect for life,” he said. CONTINUE