UK Judge Dismisses Parents’ Bid to Save Alfie Evans’ Life, Can Appeal To Supreme Court

Alfie Evans1

(LifeSiteNews) – A U.K. judge has refused to overturn a previous judge’s decision that it is in baby Alfie Evans’ “best interest” to discontinue ventilation, which will likely cause his death. The decision also means that Alfie’s parents cannot move their son from a Liverpool hospital for treatment in Italy.

Alfie’s case was back in court today after his parents unsuccessfully attempted last week to remove their baby from Alder Hey children’s hospital and transfer him to a healthcare facility in Italy. The hearing was conducted in the Court of Justice in Westminster before Lord Justice Davis, Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Moylan.

The case ultimately revolves around the question of what a child’s “best interests’ are and whether courts or the parents have the final say.

Paul Diamond represented Alfie’s parents Thomas Evans and Kate James. He sought to overturn Mr Justice Hayden’s decision last week that Alfie’s parents may not remove him from Alder Hey hospital. He argued that it was a deprivation of Alfie’s liberty in not letting him travel to a different hospital. CONTINUE